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You can see my advertising price on this page.

Service Standart listing Medium listing Premium listing VIP listing
Advertising cost 400$ 800$ 1200$ 1600$
Project deposit 100$ 200$ 300$ 400$
Insurance fund 200$ 500$ 800$ 1100$
Adding a project on a blog and social networks
Number of videos about the project 1 3 5 7
Creating and maintaining a theme on MMGP
Posting payments on 10 investment forums
Increased RCB to our referrals
Pinning the review for 2 weeks on the main page of the blog
The project is marked with a red TOP tag
Maximum RCB to our referrals
Increased bonus per comment to our referrals

Additional services:

  1. Pin the overview to the project on the blog home page. Price is $20 for 1 week (4 out of 5 places are free)
  2. Life-long pinning of the video review with the project on the main page of the YouTube channel. The service is valid as long as the project pays. Price is 50 $ (1 of 1 place is free)
  3. Record a new YouTube video about your project. Price is $40
  4. Set an increased 75% RCB in your project. Price is $50
  5. Set the maximum 100% RCB in your project. Price is $100
Advertising of the economic game with the withdrawal of money costs at a fixed price of $800
A project advertising for making money without investment costs at a fixed price of $150
Attention! There are a lot of scammers and fakes on the Internet who impersonate me and try to get money by deception! Check carefully every letter in the mail and username of the person you are communicating with. My official contact details and wallets are listed only on this page!

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